Women that empower other women by sharing their lifestyle, fashion, health, and so much more shows you how women can come together and be better for ourselves, our families, and our careers. My passion as a woman is help other women keep their lives positive while sharing the things I love, researched, and enjoy in my life. My other passion is raising awareness for mental health too. I have read some different women’s blogs that have touched me and helped me and I want to provide that same support to women too.

My ideas for Hippy Momma Life is to talk about some beauty obsessions, current events, being a mom, diy projects, and so much more. I want women to be able to come home after a long day or a long day of being a homemaker sit down with a glass of wine, relax, and read. Everyone women needs an outlet from a long busy day. When leaving Hippy Momma Life I want you to leave feeling uplifted and feeling positive for the next day.