Family Children and Teens

I am a Mom with two teen boys, one 10 year old girl almost in her teens, and a 5 year old that acts like a teen. All these different stages they are going through all at once and being stretched in four different directions is very difficult. Children all around hard to raise and take care of. They don’t have a book that comes with them and you can read all the parenting books you want but things will happen that aren’t in those books. You have to learn to go with what you think is right. Even when you think you made the right decision and it turns out to be the wrong decision. 

All parents go through these different struggles with themselves and their children but they shouldn’t have to go through them alone. I would love to share my experiences and struggles with other parents with working with my children and my family. I also do a lot of research on current events and share my opinions about things that affect our families and our children. 

I hope you enjoy some of the things I discuss on this page!!