Jumbled Thoughts Exercise

Try this exercise for your jumbled negative thoughts. Don’t you just hate those jumbled negative thoughts? I know I do. It just gets crowded and cloudy in my mind with all these jumbled negative thoughts, so to get these feelings […]

What did you learn from your first job…

Right after I graduated from high school my first real full-time was working in a nursing home. I started in the dietary department preparing food trays to go up onto the floor for all the residents. We were given sections […]

My love and passion for blogging…

Ever since high school I have always loved to write. You can process your thoughts and feelings instead of saying them and it comes out wrong well at least for me it does. Writing is so much easier for me […]

Something Good in the World

The article below tells us about an amazing young man named Maurice Adams from Milledgeville, Georgia. He saw this elderly women struggling to go up the stairs with her walker, so the boy went over and helped her. Here is […]

Do you hate Mondays?

Do you hate Mondays? Are you a busy homemaker maker and wife? Are you a working mom and running late? Well, I am a busy homemaker and wife. I don’t have time to get dazzled up for two hours. In […]