Jumbled Thoughts Exercise

Try this exercise for your jumbled negative thoughts.

Don’t you just hate those jumbled negative thoughts? I know I do. It just gets crowded and cloudy in my mind with all these jumbled negative thoughts, so to get these feelings out I write all my negative feelings down on paper, then after that I write positive thoughts over those negative thoughts to bring positive energy to my mind, body, and soul.

Now make sure you use bright and beautiful colors. Focus on the positive words and the bright colors to channel your inner self. Cross out the negative in black and write your positive in those beautiful bright colors. Here are my findings:

I am a bad person./ I am a helpful person.

I am fat./ I am just the right size.

I want to die./ My life is worth it.

Worrying/ Think positive

Ugly/ I am beautiful.

I am a mistake./ I am only human.

I am worthless./ I am worth it.

I want to die./ My life is worth it. I am important.

Please note: when doing this exercise use bright colors for your positive thoughts. Due to technical difficulties I couldn’t use bright colors for my positive thoughts but while doing the exercise I used bold beautiful colors and it help bring more light to my positivity.

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