What did you learn from your first job…

Right after I graduated from high school my first real full-time was working in a nursing home. I started in the dietary department preparing food trays to go up onto the floor for all the residents. We were given sections in the kitchen to get things ready for lunch and dinner. Then after being there for several months I signed a bid to become a certified nursing assistant. I took all the classes and then took the test and pasted it. I was so excited. They assigned me to a floor. When I started on the floor it was so hard to get in the routine of things. Getting residents up, giving them bed baths and showers, getting them to appointments on time, feeding them, changing them, and doing all the charting. Once I got the hang of things it was great!

My learning experience with working at the nursing home was getting to know the patients and growing to love each one of them. Looking at the nursing home as a home away from home. Putting light into their eyes when they need it the most. Hearing their stories and learning from them. Sharing your stories with them and making them smile. Got to celebrate holidays with my other family. Being by their bed when they are sick or getting ready to pass. Knowing you are there for them during their toughest times.

When I left the nursing home it was so hard knowing that I was leaving the people that I grew to love so very much. I carry the experience with me always. Still looking back on how much the nursing has helped me love my elders and respect them today. They have been through a lot in their younger years plus their older years. I learned along the way how to love others and help them more and that has helped me today.


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This is the nursing home I worked for!!

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