My love and passion for blogging…

Ever since high school I have always loved to write. You can process your thoughts and feelings instead of saying them and it comes out wrong well at least for me it does. Writing is so much easier for me because I talk so much about so many different topics. My mind is always constantly thinking on what would make this piece of writing better. Sometimes I will be in a conversations and think of a topic and have to write it down. It is so crazy, but awesome because I look forward to writing my next piece. I guess that is why I have two blogs. 

My blog has also helped me in many ways. See I look at both of my blogs like a journal only I am showing others. It also has boosted my confidence because I am getting more readers and helping some of them. If it wasn’t for those readers I wouldn’t have the confidence I do right now. Grabbing the reader’s attention to read is so exciting. My readers making beautiful comments, suggestion on topics, and sharing my blog with others have helped me get here.

I love the fact that the website is mine. I can write about anything and design it the way I want to. I can pick any theme and run with it. I can put the pictures I want in it. Dressing my website is so neat. Yeah it took me some time to get the website working the way I wanted and I am still learning new techniques and shortcuts  . 

I am so happy that I was given this opportunity to open my blogs to help and entertain people that love to read. Believe me when I say I still have a way to go to meet my goals, but it was one of the best decisions I have made.


What is your passion?



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