Something Good in the World

The article below tells us about an amazing young man named Maurice Adams from Milledgeville, Georgia. He saw this elderly women struggling to go up the stairs with her walker, so the boy went over and helped her. Here is this beautiful young man helping this elderly women up the stairs without any hesitation just went up and helped. Not thinking about this hellish world where there is so much hate. He was just showing us what we all should be doing to make things peaceful in this world. Our children have this way of showing us that there is still good people in this world. Show kindness and stop the hate!!

I know that this happened in May, but I was touched by the article and the video that I had to share it again. I would like to thank Maurice Adams for showing so much kindness and to his parents to raising an amazing young man. 


Watch the video

The link below has the original article and video. Thank you Ed Mazza for the sharing your article and that wonderful video.  Date article shared: 5/31/18

8-Year-Old Boy Stops Traffic To Help Elderly Woman Climb A Flight Of Stairs _ HuffPost


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