Do you hate Mondays?

Do you hate Mondays? Are you a busy homemaker maker and wife? Are you a working mom and running late?

Well, I am a busy homemaker and wife. I don’t have time to get dazzled up for two hours. In the mornings I sometimes don’t even have time to wash my hair. So, I need to have a very quick fix. From dry shampoos to quick updos.

Let’s start with dry shampoos:


Dry Shampoos                                                      

5 stars

Walmart: $5.88                                                    






  Dry Shampoos  

  4.5 stars    

  Walmart: 7.30                              




Wash Bangs and Fringes

If the front of your hair is greasy no worries just wash the front, blow dry, and style. If you have bangs or fringes no problem just wash them in you sink or a bath bin and blow dry and style.


Messy Bun

I love a messy bun. It is quick, easy, and plus it hides your dirty hair. This is my go to hairstyle.


Sleek Back Look

Does your hair get oily and greasy? Well there is a way to fix that for a busy morning. I don’t really care for this look on myself, but it does look good on others. All you do is use the natural oils in your and just brush it back until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

Toss Your Messy Hair Look

Yep you heard it right just toss your messy hair. Start your normal routine and toss your messy hair around. All the oils from your scalp will help your hair to look curlier and all you had to do was toss your hair. Toss and done what could be easier. 


Top Knots

Top knots are great for those busy mornings. This is a hairstyle that I am not very good at doing, but it does look great and I love the fact that it hides your dirty hair. Top knots are a quick and easy way to the day started.


Wriggly Ponytail

If you have medium length hair well this is a very quick and easy hairstyle. It doesn’t work well in my hair because mine is curly, but all you must do is pull it back in a ponytail wriggle your fingertips as you put it up. Isn’t that an easy way to get your day moving?


Braid It

Don’t you just love the way braids look? Braids are great for busy days and for unwashed hair not to mention also beautiful. I love the fact that you can braid your hair all different ways and it is great for the whole day. This is one of the hairstyles that I would love to do, but I need to practice more.  


Cap it or Scarf

Having the busy days mean sometimes not having enough time to anything, so go to your closet and grab that colorful hat or scarf that matches your outfit and just go with it. It is quick and easy, and it hides that unwashed hair. Also remember you also wear headband and bandanas too, to help distract others from noticing your unwashed hair.


I am hoping some of these quick and easy hairstyles help you get through those offal Mondays or those very busy days. Mondays are tough but your hair doesn’t have to be. 



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