The Journey of Hippy Momma


My inspiration  




This beautiful woman inspired me through her music. Janis Joplin’s voice was very rough and beautiful all at the same time. She had such an amazing voice that just memorizes my soul. Janis Joplin was such a social butterfly that brought so much joy to people’s lives. I wish I could have met this beautiful woman, but she died way to soon.


I believe that life should be about rock and roll and living a free life. The times are changing now, and people are losing that free life. It is time to show our children as they grow up that it is okay to have fun in life because life is hard already and you only live once. Grow up and be what you want but don’t forget to enjoy your life and have fun!!

This blog is a lifestyle blog so I can write and video blog on Hippy Momma. I want to share my craziness busy life with my kids, husband, other people, current events, recipes, relationships, and so much more. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

How I came up with the name Hippy Momma Life

Well the word hippy is because I love the 1960’s because of their fashion, hair styles, volkswagen bugs and buses, rock n roll, weed, concerts, and the rebellion. The clothes that I loved the most are the leather jackets, crop tanks (even though I am too old to wear them), cool leggings with cut off jean shorts, rock n roll t-shirts, and black risky sunglasses. Here are some of the styles that I love:

10-Best-Rock-n-Roll-Style-Ideas-For-Women-1-600x547                                         10-Best-Rock-n-Roll-Style-Ideas-For-Women-4

Here are some of the hairstyles that I love from the 1960’s:

Braid Crown
Punk Style

The Momma is because I am a mom and my friends and my kids friends come me momma. Then, there comes life and that is because I always wanted a lifestyle blog where I could write just about anything I like or know about and have fun with it. This is an exciting start to be able to write about your interests and for me to write (which I love to do) about things I enjoy to write about. So, take this leap with me and sign up and read. 


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